During your path to creating a family, Progenesis stands as a reliable and established ally, delivering excellence and accuracy in genetic testing during your IVF treatment.
Progenesis specializes in genetic testing services for IVF, including Preimplantation Genetic Testing. We offer Previda®(PGT-A), Previda®-DX (PGT-M/SR), mitochondrial DNA assessment (MitoSure®), non-invasive metabolomics assay(NIMA™), endometrial assays (Previda®-ER), whole genome sequencing(Previda®-WGS), & SNPs (Previda®-Plus). We also offer genetic counseling & a fully diverse online portal (Revela®) for test management.
Progenesis, established in 2015 in San Diego, specializes in non-invasive genetic testing for family planning, leveraging a team of genetic experts and cutting-edge technology to provide customized services.

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Bioinformatics is a dynamic field that blends biology, computer science, and data analytics to unlock the secrets within biological data. It’s pivotal in deciphering genomic codes, understanding diseases at a molecular level, and spearheading advancements in personalized medicine.



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Our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system revolutionizes patient care by digitizing health information, making medical histories, diagnoses, treatment plans, and test results readily accessible to healthcare professionals.

Democratizing Access to Patient Care Around The World...

Progenesis USA

Established in 2015 in the picturesque locale of La Jolla, California, the Progenesis USA Lab stands as a pioneer in genetic services, offering a comprehensive array of cutting-edge solutions. Specializing in preimplantation genetic testing, endometrial assays, non-invasive metabolomics assay, and genetic counseling, the lab is at the forefront of advancing reproductive and personalized healthcare. With a commitment to excellence, the well-trained staff at Progenesis USA Lab ensures the precision of genetic analyses, providing valuable insights for individuals and couples navigating fertility decisions. The lab’s dedication extends beyond testing, with a full line of customer support specialists and an intuitive online portal, creating a seamless experience for clients seeking to understand and manage their genetic information.The Progenesis USA Lab is not just a facility but a hub for innovation in genetic services. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and a skilled team of professionals positions the lab as a trusted partner in the journey towards informed reproductive decisions and personalized health. With a commitment to accessibility and support, the Progenesis Lab continues to play a pivotal role in building healthy families across the US.

Progenesis Brasil

Progenesis Brasil Lab, inaugurated in 2023 and situated in the heart of Sao Paulo, stands at the forefront of cutting-edge genetic testing services and genetic counseling. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation, this state-of-the-art facility represents a pivotal milestone in the field of personalized healthcare in Brazil. The expert team of geneticists and counselors at Progenesis Brasil Lab ensures the delivery of accurate genetic insights while providing personalized counseling sessions to support individuals and families in navigating the implications of their genetic data.The Progenesis Brasil Lab combines state-of-the-art technology with compassionate care, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health. The lab’s dedication to scientific rigor and patient-centered practices positions it as a leader in the field, shaping the future of genetic testing and counseling. With a mission to democratize access to patient care, Progenesis Brasil Lab plays a pivotal role in advancing the landscape of genetic healthcare in the region.

Progenesis India

Founded in 2023 in the bustling city of New Delhi, the Progenesis India Lab stands as a beacon of innovation in genetic services, providing a comprehensive suite of offerings. Specializing in preimplantation genetic testing, endometrial assays, non-invasive metabolomics assays, and genetic counseling, the lab is dedicated to advancing reproductive and personalized healthcare for individuals and couples. With a commitment to excellence, the well-trained staff at Progenesis India Lab ensures the accuracy and reliability of genetic analyses, offering valuable insights to clients seeking to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. The lab’s inclusive approach extends to its online portal and a full line of customer support specialists, ensuring a seamless and supportive experience for individuals navigating the complexities of genetic information.

Progenesis India Lab, established in 2023 in New Delhi, extends its influence throughout the Indian market with a commitment to revolutionizing genetic services. The lab’s strategic expansion into Chennai, specifically concentrating on the bioinformatics of preimplantation genetic testing, underscores its dedication to advancing the field. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with a highly skilled workforce, the lab not only shapes the genetic services landscape in India but also plays a crucial role in fostering an era of empowered healthcare through widespread genetic understanding.

Success Stories of Our Satisfied Clients

Discover inspiring success stories from our delighted clients who achieved their dreams of starting a healthy family with Progenesis. Witness the power of our genetic solutions in action.

Meet the Team!

Our Mission

Progenesis, founded in 2015 and based in San Diego, is dedicated to developing and providing non-invasive genetic tests for individuals embarking on their family planning journey. Our goal is to offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient, ensuring they receive the support they need at every step of their journey.

Our Team

The heart of Progenesis is our team - a driven and passionate group comprising genetic specialists, researchers, laboratory professionals, and analysts. Each team member is committed to enhancing the lives of our patients through innovation and expertise. As pioneers in genetic screening technologies, our scientists engage in ongoing research to not only advance our services but also deepen our understanding of human genetics.

Our Technology and Quality Standards

At Progenesis, we employ the latest industry-leading molecular biology techniques to provide our patients with the most accurate results possible. Our laboratory has perfected the use of Next Generation sequencing for comprehensive 24-chromosome aneuploidy screening (PGT-A/PGT-SR/PGT-M) and offers a rapid 12-hour test for fresh transfers, setting new standards in genetic testing. We adhere to the highest levels of quality control and assurance, proudly accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and certified through Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

Our Commitment to Patients

Understanding the profound trust our patients place in us, we take our responsibility to heart, ensuring the longevity of their future children through our tests. Our customer support team collaborates closely with IVF clinics to securely and efficiently share patient information, while our genetic counselors are readily available to address any questions throughout the family planning process. At Progenesis, we are dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality services and supporting our patients at every stage of their journey.

Progenesis Working Process

Progenesis simplifies the genetic testing process through a streamlined approach. From sample collection to result delivery, our efficient process ensures accuracy, efficiency, and seamless communication with clients.


Before Pregnancy

Preconception guidance, carrier assessments, and genetic knowledge sharing to support informed family planning choices and evaluate possible health risks.


During IVF

Comprehensive genetic testing services, including PGT-A, PGT-M, and mitochondrial assessment, to optimize embryo selection and implantation.


During Pregnancy

Prenatal genetic testing, such as non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), to evaluate fetal health and detect potential genetic abnormalities.


Disease Awareness

Providing resources, educational materials, and support to raise awareness about genetic disorders and empower individuals and families.

Progenesis Academy

Progenesis Academy is dedicated to promoting the well-being of families by providing assistance to numerous individuals and families in achieving their dreams of bringing healthy children into the world. In light of the global challenges affecting fertility treatment cycles and causing delays in the realization of family dreams, we acknowledge the pressing need to address this issue. This is why we’ve introduced Progenesis Academy, a platform designed to foster discussions among fertility experts and offer support to patients. Our mission is to advocate for a reconsideration of the classification of fertility treatment as optional, recognizing its vital importance.

GENES Conference

The GENES Conference was born out of a vision to create a dynamic and forward-looking platform for professionals in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) industry. The primary mission behind the establishment of this conference was to create a comprehensive, engaging, and cutting-edge platform that catered to the needs of new and established IVF professionals. Progenesis recognized the importance of bringing together a diverse group of experts within the IVF industry to foster continuous educational growth and advancement in our field. By doing so, we aimed to facilitate continuous educational learning, fostering an environment that contributes to the advancement of our industry.