Results from Previda® provide important information about the embryo’s chromosomal health before implantation. There are 3 possible outcomes to this test.

Euploidy – embryo has normal chromosome copy numbers
Aneuploidy – embryo has extra or missing copies of chromosomes
Mosaic – embryo has a mixture of euploid and aneuploid cells

Your IVF team can use this information to determine the embryo for transfer that will increase your chance of a successful pregnancy.

Occasionally, test results may come back inconclusive. This can happen for a number of reasons. As with any clinical test, PGT-A has its limitations. Sample quality, size of the biopsy, and patient age are contributing factors that may result in an amount of DNA that is insufficient to perform the test. Re-biopsy may serve as a potential solution in these cases.


Your physician will receive your results through our online medical portal Revela®. Euploid embryos are generally associated with high implantation rates and are recommended for transfer. Aneuploid embryos are not recommended for transfer because they can result in implantation failure, miscarriage, or developmental disorders in newborns.

The role of mosaicism in IVF is an ongoing research initiative, but these embryos are typically not recommended for transfer. Genetic counseling is highly recommended when considering transfer of mosaic embryos.


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